'The Liar' by Robert John

The Liar by Robert John is a combination of the rock he was brought up with, the blues he’s seeped in and a voice with the gruff melody of both styles combined. The sound of the present mixed with screams from ghosts of yesterday. Blurring the lines of blues and rock; from his early days in Southport where he finely tuned his guitar skills, with his rock band Southouse.

Later switching to acoustic, Robert John released two solo albums. Sorry to Bother you and Narrow Streets of a Shallow Town. Robert went on to meet Rosie Smith (Cradle Of Filth) in 2008 when they created and toured the album Broken Branches (produced by Rosie), it was also when his voice purposefully dropped to the blues growl we know today. In 2012 he working along side Philip Howley (The Jannocks, Liz Green) Kevin Morel (Cayenne Sea, The Jannocks,) Clement Neveu (Balicoton) T E Yates (Victorian Dad Band) Dan Bridgewood-Hill (T.G. Elias). Coming together with Kevin Morel he played Mandolin and Mandola on the Jannocks album and supported them on their UK tour in 2011. Still Down Gill (Rob’s latest collaboration) was born out of a mutual appreciation of musical styles, ‘Pearl Jam meets BB King’ (Sally Atlass Reviews) ‘Providing thumping beats, electrifying lead guitars and powerful vocals’ Still Down Gill toured round the north playing festivals such as Evil Stock and Bom Festival.

Their fans are loyal but commitments elsewhere are tight and although the current line-up are still working together, Robert’s taking the next step alone. He has developed into an accomplished performer, singer-songwriter and whatever genre you put him in, the sound is true and organic; he speaks from his soul.